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SpiderControl™ Automation Browser for Android™

The SpiderControl Automation Browser app for Android is available for download on this page. This Browser is intented to be used on Industrial Touch Panel with Android version 5.0 (Lollipop) and higher, for ARM or x86 processor. The SpiderControl Automation Browser app supports web visualisation designed with SpiderControl Editor or any of the OEM editors, CODESYS V.2, CODESYS V.3, but it can also open any standard HTML 5 page.


Please, pay special attention that this edition of the Browser is not intended to be used by customers on their smartphone or tablet from public market. Since this app requires an Activation code, depending on the Hardware. An update of your Android may cause the loss of the license key. Also, when you change your phone, you will have to buy a new license. Therefore, we suggest to install the SpiderControl MicroBrowser app from Play™ Store with your Google account, for this purpose.



Installation on your Android Touch Panel

Open this page on your Android device with a standard web browser, and click on the droid icon below.

Download SpiderControl Automation Browser V. (2021.05.04)

Once the download is finished, open the APK file stored in your Download folder and follow instructions to complete the installation.
Note: Some authorizations can be asked to allow the installation of an APK file out from the official store.

For Industrial Touch Panel

If you wish, the Automation Browser to be the main app of your device, then Automation Browser Home Screen edition is the right choice.
It will automatically start on reboot and every time you press the Home button it will show the app again.

Download SpiderControl Automation Browser V. (Home screen) (2021.05.04)

After installation, when you press the Android Home button, you will be asked to choose for the default launcher(*). Press the Home button again to see the ALWAYS option.
Once you have chosen the Automation Browser (ALWAYS), it will automatically be launched on the next start and you will not see the default Android Home screen anymore! To give you the choice again, you will have to clear the "Open defaults" setting in the Automation Browser app

Open the Android Settings (app menu in the top right corner) and depending on the Android version you will have to go

Then, press on the Android Home button again.

(*) If you don't see the popup to select the default launcher, it is probably because another launcher is already selected as default. In that case you will have to clear the "Open defaults" settings in the current launcher app. The name of the app is often something like "Launcher" or "Google Now Launcher", ...

What's new in this version?

- Improve auto-start, especially if auto-detect is not selected (MicroBrowser, HTML5 or Video with rtsp)
- Show "..." on startup, if the target is not immediately reachable until 60 s
- Or show boot image on statup from /sdcard/Download/bootscreen.png, if the image file exist
- Bug fix with video images frozen, for example on app switch. And don't stop video on touching the screen

Previous versions and pre-release of the app, with release notes can be found here

Activation code

Please, fill out the online form with the Challenge code, to order a license key for your device, the challenge code is displayed when starting the app.

WebView for HTML 5

To support the latest HTML 5 features, you can update the Android System WebView control on your Android device
Open the page html5test.com in Automation Browser, to see which component is installed and which features are supported.


For any questions, feedback or support, you may contact us here


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